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Financial Aid and Scholarships Offered at Hacettepe University

As per the decision of the University Administrative Board dated 10/08/2016 and numbered 2016-1782, of students who have chosen Hacettepe University as their firm (first) choice and have been placed in our University:

a) those who have ranked among the top ten are offered free housing in Hacettepe guest houses,

b) those who have ranked among the top hundred are offered free housing in student dormitories,

c) those who have been placed in the top three spots in their Faculties/Vocational Schools (across the entire faculty/vocational school) are offered three free meals a day

(All are based on the rankings of students in Turkey's national university exam, except for the TYT scores).

In addition, successful students in need of financial support are granted food support (one free meal a day) if they apply to the Directorate of Health, Culture, and Sports (if the application is deemed valid).

These supports continue during the normal duration of the program the student is enrolled in, depending on the academic success as defined by our university. (see OSYM Guide Article 123)

Important Factors for Retaining Financial Aid

To continue to be eligible for financial aid, students must keep their cumulative grade point average at or above 3.00 and renew their course registrations (in the fall and spring semesters) in the relevant academic years.

If the cumulative grade point average falls below 3.00, the student loses his/her right to free housing or food support. However, those who have previously benefited from this right regain their right to free housing in female/male dormitories or food support (three free meals a day), if they raise their CGPA to or above 3.00 in the following years.