Residence Permit

Visa: Before coming to Turkey, international students should apply to the nearest Turkish Consulate in their country with the acceptance letter they received from the university and obtain a student visa. An acceptance letter is issued to students who are entitled to be placed in the University.

Each student should contact the Turkish Consulate in their country and get information about visa procedures.

Resident Permit: International students who have completed their registration to the university must submit the following documents to the International Students Unit of the Registrar's Office one month after their university registration in order to obtain a residence permit in Ankara.

The documents of the students who will obtain a residence permit for the first time are sent by the University to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management. Students receive a residence permit after completing their procedures. With a residence permit, a foreign national identity number is assigned to each student and students can perform all their transactions with this YU number.

Students make their own residency extension procedures after that.

You can access the residence permit application screen at

Documents required by the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management for  residence permit applications are as follows;

  1. Residence Permit Application Form (must be printed on e-residence website)
  2. Copy of passport (all used pages and the page containing the visa, certified true copies)
  3. Four (4) pieces of biometric photos
  4. Health Insurance

a.) E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document to be obtained from provincial social security units, which states that the foreigner is benefiting from the health services in Turkey within the scope of bilateral social security agreements

b.) E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed provision document received from Social Security Institution

c.) E-signed/signed and stamped/sealed document of the application lodged to the Social Security Institution to become a general health insurance holder 

d.) Private health insurance (should cover the minimum guarantee structure defined in the Circular on Private Health Insurances To Be Taken Out for Visa and Residence Permit Requests, dated 10.05.2016 and numbered 16.)

  1. Student Certificate and Residence Permit Information Form (must include the duration of study and the expected date of graduation). Students enrolled in associate and undergraduate degree programs can get this document from Student Affairs Office.
  2. Address Document (If you are staying in a dormitory, you must attach a signed and stamped/sealed document which shows that you are staying in a dormitory. If you are staying in a rental house with a rental agreement, you need to submit a notarized copy of your rental agreement.)
  3. Residence Permit Card Fee Receipt
  4. Declaration of Income (It would be declared in the application form)
  5. If the student is under the age of 18;

a.) Birth Certificate (Apostilled or authenticated by the respective country’s consulate and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs  with a notarized translation in Turkish.)

b.) Letter of Consent (Appostilled or authenticated)


Note: Birth certificate and letter of consent are not required for those under the age of 18 who hold study visa.