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Part-Time Employment

Hacettepe University employs students who wish to work part-time in temporary jobs in various departments of our university with a maximum working time of 15 hours per week. Such students are insured as per Article 4 of Law no. 5510 on Social Insurance and General Health Insurance and are only subject to the provisions regarding occupational accident and occupational disease insurance. The hourly pays of students working part-time at the University are determined by the University Administrative Board, and should not exceed one-quarter of the gross minimum daily wage set for workers over 16 as per Labor Law No. 4857. Students can get detailed information on the application process by following the announcements on the web page of the Directorate of Health, Culture, and Sports, and on the bulletin boards of the academic units at the beginning of October or when needs arise.  (

Requirements For Students To Be Employed Part-Time

(1) With a priority given to those who are granted scholarships by the Higher Education Student Loans and Dormitories Institution (KYK) or meet the requirements to receive this scholarship, students may be employed part-time in temporary jobs in higher education institutions, if;

a) they are enrolled in the higher education institution where they will be employed, except for students seeking a Master's degree without thesis and special students,

b) they have not received any disciplinary action,

c) they do not have any income at the minimum wage level, except for orphan's pensions and alimonies,

d) the contract is not terminated due to a violation of the contract between a student working part-time and a higher education institution,

e) they have sufficient knowledge, skills, and abilities for the job in question

f) they are not on a leave of absence

g) they are not a foreign national,

h) they have not extended their education beyond the normal duration.

(2) Those who certify that they have been hit by natural disasters (e.g. earthquakes and floods) or that they are children of martyrs or veterans and disabled students do not have to meet the above-mentioned conditions except for those defined in (b), (f), and (g).